Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothin' But Grace

As of this week, I have nothing but empathy and grace for all those friends and family who have gone before us and who chose to use credit cards to pay for parts of their weddings. We're staying strong! But the temptation is great.

Brant's overload teaching is doing a fine job of padding our "wedding account," and my little house-sitting jobs make fractional contributions to it, as well. But with 99 days left until W-Day -- and with lots of unpaid cells in the budget spreadsheet -- I'm admittedly feeling the pressure. It's amazing to me to that we can be as conscientious as we're being about costs and savings, and still feel this pinched.

For the record, I believe the main reason for this is that real life does not yield to wedding planning (the nerve!) I need four new tires; Brant received some unpleasant surprises regarding his taxes; we are putting a high priority on end-of-life and estate planning with an attorney (something about which I'm very passionate and could be a blog post of its own); we've mindfully committed to giving extra to our church right now as they invest in the future of our youth by creating a middle school/high school space in an unfinished part of the church building; and sometime before the wedding, we'd really like to take a trip to North Dallas to IKEA for a few inexpensive modern furniture pieces.

So, of course, most of these and other expenses are choices we're making (though the taxes aren't a choice and the tires are close to making the choice for me) and therefore there is nothing "unfair" about them. They're choices we'd be making quite comfortably were it not for that pesky wedding day! But it's amazing and challenging -- and transformative even -- when we commit to paying cash only for all expenses because it forces us to discern and agree on priority status for everything that comes up.

There is no conclusion or tidy ending to this blog post. More of an observation, and maybe a bit of a confession. I confess that I desire more than I can afford, and that I struggle to choose wisdom and the "things of heaven over the things of this earth." I suspect I always will. Thank God for the grace of Jesus...and for the fact that my credit card is hidden in someone else's house! :)


  1. Just checking in on your blog and want to say I am very proud of you!

    Can't wait to see the invitations, most importantly, can't wait to GO to the WEDDING in less than 100 days!!!!

    (btw, you have a pain in the butt commenting system that made me comment as my blog, but then rejected my comment because I wasn't signed into wordpress. just wanted to let you know, because as all bloggers know, we love comments!!)

  2. That's so weird b/c my mom had trouble, too, but I checked and I THINK I have the settings set to the absolute most permissive settings so I don't know what the hold up is! Darned technology.

  3. I'm going to try commenting again

  4. Well, I guess I can comment, but not as your Mom. Oh, well. What I want to say is, I know that you are counting the days with excitement and great anticipation, but I am sure going to miss you! AND, I talk to moms and some dads all the time who spend just stupid amounts of money on their kids' weddings and I want you to know that I truly appreciate how you and Brant have made this wedding so wonderful and yet so affordable. Thank you sweetie!