Friday, February 12, 2010

Cake, A Correction

It turns out there is a Cake Lady, and there's a cake lady. There is a business in McPherson, KS, called "The Cake Lady." I'm sure she's fabulous. However, our cake maker is a family friend without a formal business who works off of word of mouth, and Brant's family just happens to call her "the cake lady."

Please forgive the error.

Our cake lady is June Young in Halstead and her phone number is 316-835-3253.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cake, A Philosophy

Cake rocks. Sweet food in general rocks. We are fans of cake.

However, we are not fans of paying a crap ton of cash for something to be beautiful and elaborate when it will just end up...well...where all food ends up.

So we're pulling a Sarah Palin and we're GOING ROGUE on the cake. Instead of doing the tall, layered formal wedding cake thing, we're ordering sheet cakes and skipping the "cake photo opp" portion of the ceremony altogether. Guests will still be served cake! But they''ll be served cake in the same manner as the rest of the food: In the buffet line, with zero fanfare (other than how awesome it will all taste, of course).

We're using The Cake Lady out of McPherson, a woman Brant's family knows and has worked with before. She's awesome. And so very inexpensive!

We will be able to serve every guest with very tasty cake for around $100 total. And we're very big fans of THAT.